Thursday, March 28, 2019

How to cancel / terminate TM streamyx internet

It has been 6 years ups and downs with TM streamyx but the recently instability in the connection is completely unacceptable. The internet connection is on and off every 1 or 2 minutes and it happens almost everyday. In the past it wasn't so bad at least take few hours but this time it's totally unusable.

I fully understand the TM always recommend to call their support but that will helps only a while and the problem will come back again sooner or later. I know this for the past 6 years so - it's a kind of standard problem. It's time to stop paying RM130 a month for 2 Mbps connection which in actual usually around 1 Mbps or less or most of the time cut off frequently.

Probably this is the cause of shared internet connection - once the residential users increases especially the heavy internet users then someone else going to suffer for it. So i will solve this once and for all at least for now and never again. Until TM improve the connection and service significantly - one thing for sure is no point to provide internet and let the users pay for it but it is totally unusable. It stops a lot of thing especially in term of work and entertainment.

By the way I've made some reading across few forums and there are plenty of complaints by other people about their streamyx connection problem. So i guess i am not the only one having this problem. It would be good if there are new internet service provider to fill in this gap left by TM i guess a lot of people will migrate their internet connection instantly. Like in matter of weeks.

So here is how it was done

1. Go to nearest TM point (in my case UTC Taman Kereta Kuching)
2. Inform the officer you want to terminate the streamyx service
3. They will ask for reasons - my case is simple bad connection
4. Identity Card (IC)
5. Fill in the cancellation / termination service form as below

How long does it need to disconnect? As stated in the document it takes at least 14 days (2 weeks) for the Streamyx termination process to be completed.

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  1. In Johor Bahru it was even worst. 2 technicians came and said they will need to rewire the landline cable and it is gonna cost more or less RM800. This is unacceptable and they are trying to cut throat me. I'm done with TMNet. Screw them big time. Looking for alternative as I'm typoing this.

    1. With the economy now not so good everyone is looking to make big money for themselves even the government employee is trying to take opportunity for anything possible - i am using DiGi 100 GB now and I am very very satisfy with night speed around 10 Mbps to 15 Mbps occasionally 35 Mbps -- by help of DIY 4G LTE RF booster / amplifier

  2. is there any penalti we should pay if we want to terminate the contract ?

    1. no penalty to terminate the contract just go to TM counter and tell them you want to terminate your streamyx service and they will give you the form to fill in. It stated there your streamyx will commence termination within 2 weeks time