Friday, July 22, 2016

Powerful smart phone charger using AA batteries

I've underestimated the good use of this device - (mini-adjustable regulated power supply) made in China. It's quite cheap cost around $7 USD and very useful for testing small electronic circuits as it comes with voltage and amp display screen indicators. Apart from that it comes with nice looking very clear acrylic casing and it turns out to be very useful especially to charge Smart Phone (Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, Sony Phones, etc) or gadget (iPad, Samsung Tab) using AA batteries. It capable of draw 1 Amp of current which is very fast as compare to the original factory manufactured charger which is normally draw around 500 mA. This is device is powered by Switching regulators chip MP2307DN. However please note the max current draw should be 3 Amp and below only as stated in the chip datasheet

The only drawback of this little device is the voltage adjust button not so smooth - feeling stuck due to the cheap press button component.

You could use this device when your powerbank is running out of juice and there other batteries available in the shop nearby. This is not only for AA batteries but any kind of batteries that you can adjust down to 5 volts or 5.2 volts to charge your electronic gadgets. Batteries such as

18650 batteries
Palette/coin batteries
AA batteries
AAA batteries
9 volt
All kind of batteries will work since you can flexibly adjust it to the desired charging voltage

Possible kind of gadgets you can charge using this mini-adjustable power supply

1. Cameras
2. iPhone, iPad, Samsung Tab, Samsung Smart phone, etc
3. Charge another batteries
4. Charge handheld game device
5. Charge walkman
6. etc

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