Monday, March 25, 2019

Perodua Alza Power Steering Jammed / Stuck after run over water

I don't know if this is ever happened to any other cars out there but this is my personal experience driving Perodua Alza car during rainy days. When the road was flooding with water i just drive through it and i can feel the water level was obviously reaching the under carriage of the Alza and the range of the flooded road probably within 7 to 10 meters distance. I was driving a little bit slower to avoid water splashing on other cars.

After going through the water i can feel the steering is getting difficult to twist, I thought it should be okay and afterwards it becomes completely jammed / stuck / locked and i couldn't event twist a little to turn around on a small corner forcing me to stop.

I've never had experienced like this before despite driving through the waters quite a number of times. However this time is different and make me realized how dangerous it can be especially when driving in high speed on the road and having your steering suddenly jammed out of the blue.

In the end forced myself to stop to let the water dry away. A couple of minutes later the steering is back to normal. I've made some research on the internet there are many people complaining about their power steering stuck in wet condition. So this confirm not only Perodua Alza but it can happen to any cars.

If you have any comments, experience, and tips to solve this let me know i am looking for a solution but i won't go to the mechanic without knowing it myself because the technician tend  to do something else then fixing the problem - so i want them to check exactly the problem.

Updating this post

After sending it to the Perodua for service and advice - the V-ribbed belting which run the power steering is getting old and worn out. The Perodua technician said after it has been used for a couple of years it should be changed because the belt will lose its grip on the motor that turn it. As a result when the car run over water and the belt gets wet and slippery the power steering will then jammed / stuck. It turns out to be right - after changing new belting and i've testing run over over the power steering still function as usual. So now i know this is one of the problem of power steering stuck.

These are the pictures of the worn out belt. It still looks normal probably the tension of strength is not longer have enough grip to hold onto the motor. This belts is more than 4 years old since i got the car before and it cost RM90 to change a new one from Perodua


  1. Alza power steering belt number 9004A-91054 as stated on the label

  2. Appreciated with your useful sharing, after changed the belt, now my car can ran as normal even going through the water.