Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to post classified ads in foreign language other than English using Google Translator

If you are selling an item to global buyers you probably want to advertise in their classified ad sites to attract local audience in a specific country. But unfortunately the language used for the classified ads are not always written in English and you have difficulties to understand it for example German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Malay, etc.

Fortunately Google provided us with the free Translator tool (Google Translator) to interpret most of the major languages into English. So now you have the tool, but you also need the simple trick how it can be done. To do it manually by going to Google Translator website and translate link by link is tedious and it takes a lot of time. The solution is by installing Google Toolbar on your browser and enable the Google Translator tool in auto-mode. So whenever you are browsing websites in foreign language it will automatically translate into English. That's how you can start to post your ads in other non-English sites.

How to set preferred translation language on Google Translator tool in Firefox browser.
  1. Right click on Google translate icon the click Translate Options
  2. Click on Tools tab then Select preferred language where you want website to be translated into
  3. Click Save and you are done. Everytime your browser visit a website and it is not your preferred language it will automatically translated according to your preference.

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