Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Perodua alza bosch wiper review - the best

Just for reference one of the best perodua alza wiper that i bought from SK hardware - the performance is very smooth and clean. Although it cost a hefty price tag but it's worth it compare to the cheap GAP wiper from mr.diy. It's because not even a year the gap wiper is already turning bad where it make sound on the front screen and not smooth. Where else the bosch really smooth and clean. Some question you might ask

1. What is the size / length of alza wiper - it's 24 inch and 17 inch, just for your information both length is not the same one is longer and another is shorter.

2. What is the best alza wiper? Bosch wiper

3. What is the top 10 alza wiper? Bosch

4. How much is the price for Alza bosch wiper? 24" (RM24) + 17" (RM19) = RM43

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