Sunday, July 15, 2018

York aircond very noisy

If your York airconditioner indoor unit is constantly making rattling noise within - you can check the motor bushing. And this is what happen to my York Aircond that is very noisy when it is turned on - after calling the technician to check - it turns out the motor bushing is broken and the motor is so hot almost burnt all the area where it spin on the bushing.

This is probably due to the air conditioner motor overwork and overheat after running for long hours. Especially when the age already 9 years old like mine. There is tendency the motor heated up probably due to faulty thermostat and break the bushing where it supposed to spin. The fraction of the bushing as well as the motor axis keep spinning on something else and that make up very noisy sound.

York air cond motor MWM 10/15J-501-WL
220 Volt @ 50 Hz Cont 4P
18 Watt 1.5 uF Ins. Class E

See the broken bushing and the heat of the motor burn the bushing holder to yellowish in color

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