Thursday, November 16, 2017

How to make LED flasher / blinking with vibrating effect alternately using 556 Dual Timer IC

The most common LED flash / blinking effect circuit that is easily available on Google usually made by the 555 Single Timer IC. Usually the wiring will be a little more hassle because there are 2 ground and 2 input power pins.

This is made simpler using the 556 Dual Timer IC where the ground and the input power pin is shared - so that you don't to connect too many wiring which take more work and time. And the most interesting part the output of the signal does not require any polarity and it can be connected either way which make it easier to test without concerning about which output wire to connect.

Here is the simple schematic of the 556 Timer circuit and also very minimal component being used.

1 x 556 Timer
2 x 100 kOhm Resistor
1 x 1uF Electrolyte capacitor

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