Saturday, October 14, 2017

4G LTE Amplifier research findings

My research on the RF microwave amplification is not yet fully complete at this time - and probably halfway towards the understanding the nature of the radio microwave especially the 4G LTE (2600 Mhz or 2.6 Ghz) signals. However there is one interesting finding at this time that I've discover so far. The output signal of the 4G modem can be re-amplify and feedback into the input which is very interesting and it seems to have significant impact on the signal thus increase the speed of the internet.

In this RF amplification experiment the signal is harvested from the USB output that is connected to the PC and then amplify using an RF amplifier circuit which is eventually feedback the output back to the modem antenna. See the illustration below how the modem output signal (USB cable) that is connected to the PC is harvested using crocodile clip wire and connected to the RF amplifier to amplify the signal. Then the amplified signal is feedback from the Amplifier to the modem antenna. This seems to work and provide a slight changes in the internet speed. Although it is not significant but the improvement can be seen obviously better than using the antenna alone.

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