Thursday, August 3, 2017

Observation of DiGi 4G LTE 2600Mhz signal strength in day / night time

After quite sometimes of observation and research - the understanding of antenna signal reception is now starting to kick in. Throughout the observation I've notice that antenna alone is not good enough to keep RF signal consistency in this case 4G LTE signal that I am working on to improve my Digi 4G internet connection.

It's no wonder a slight movement of the HuaWei modem at any angle could give different signal strength - even at 5 to 10 degrees angle differences. This observation implies that the antenna solely relies on the source of the signal strength - which means at any moment or any angle it changed based on the direction of incoming signal and its strength from the source (cell tower). And this inconsistency happens almost every minutes. If the signal from the cell tower is getting weaker then the antenna also will get reduce signal.

So if antenna alone is being used without the assistance of booster or amplifier - the result will be frequent fluctuation of signal strength and this can be very annoying especially when you need it the most. This is where the RF amplifier / booster is needed to keep the signal strength at its most consistent level.

Another observation is that the signal strength at night is much more consistent compare to the day. This probably because of the congested traffic - from active users in the day crowding the bandwidth as a result you will get average or very low signal strength in the day time. Usually my HuaWei modem will get around 2 to 1 bar or nothing at all with the average speed 1 Mpbs or lesser. Whereas in the night starting from 10 PM until 9 AM in the morning consistently receiving signal at 3 bar around 3 to 5 Mbps with the amplifier.

So again during the day time - signal booster / amplifier is required to keep the strength consistently or at least performing above the normal level.

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