Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Makita DF331DWYE 12V 10mm Cordless Driver Drill - Review

After done so much research on across Google and YouTube - I have come to conclusion that Makita has produced the best drill power tool products out there based on many of YouTube video demonstration. This is including it's power, efficiency, and stability to drill especially tested on concrete and steel (metal).

Eventually I've purchased the Makita DF331DWYE 12V 10mm Cordless Drill from After receiving the item I was very excited to test it and it comes with 2 free batteries and a battery charger as well as double sided Phillips screwdriver.

After opening I realized it is made in China again - but that is not the big deal since most of my stuff are made in China anyway. So out of excitement - then take it to test on metal drilling and I didn't test on other material like wood or concrete since most of common drill today including brand-less Chinese made drill can do the job.

So I've tested on 3 mm and 5 mm thick metal and the drill can penetrate it without problem - it's just that i didn't have enough hand to hold everything during the demonstration so the drilling process a little bit longer and shaky. The power of the drill is really good and i believe it can penetrate 10 mm thick metal as it claimed.

The only problem with the unit i bought was the plastic keyless chuck - it frequently loose grip of the drill bit and start to make some noise sound like the gear didn't hold on to the chuck. - this happen badly when drill vertically not sure why. If anyone having this drill and share your experience i could confirm the DF331DWYE having the chuck problem. The motor did turn but the chuck stop and the inner motor that suppose to turn the chuck make some noise as in having dis-attached from the chuck gear. I have sent my complaint to the seller but unfortunately they just show me a video how to lock the chuck which i did exactly - but it does not solve the problem. They told me to send to local Makita agent to fix it but i don't think this is a good idea since it is brand new - why would i do that buying a new drill and straight sending it to for repair - which means it is faulty.

The small battery capacity 1.5 Ah is not bad but not long enough - fortunately there is a spare extra battery that can be used when it drained out so that it can be recharge alternately between drilling.

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  1. I want to buy a simple drill, this seems like a good choice. Thanks for the review & the video.