Sunday, May 14, 2017

How to connect 4G DiGi internet from HuaWei E5577 modem to computer using USB

If you are not detail enough looking into the HuaWei-2E60 wireless modem you might think that it can only stream wireless of the 4G to any laptop or smart mobile phone. How about personal computer which does not have the Wireless technology to receive WiFi signal?

However if you are very detail you can actually connect the HuaWei-E5577 modem and stream the 4G internet to a personal computer via the USB port. The advantage of using cable connection as opposed to wireless signal is greater stability. It's because since the 4G signal is connected to the HuaWei-E5577is already in wireless mobile signal and then connect to another device using WiFi signal it make it less efficient. Sometimes the surrounding environment can also contribute to the WiFi effectiveness.

The USB on other hand is connected via cable just like the LAN connection - so the stability is much better compare to wireless signal. Here is how to allow the 4G internet stream via USB on personal computer.

1. Connect the HuaWei-E5577 modem to the computer using it's USB cable

2. Some PC will auto-detect and auto-run the HuaWei-E5577 application to allow USB streaming but most others may not be the case.

3. If the modem already connected but nothing happen - then open MyComputer in Windows 10 and look for the HuaWei-E5577 connected drive. Then click Auto-run.exe. - refer to image below

4. Sometimes after clicking autorun.exe the computer automatically configure the necessary settings to stream the internet. Check the network connection status on the right bottom corner (monitor icon).

5. But if step 4 fail then left-click on the network icon on the bottom right corner and click "Network Settings">> Then go to click "Status" >> Then "Network Reset". - refer to image below

6. Once the "Reset Now" is clicked - the computer need to be restarted. So proceed to restart the PC.

7. After PC is reboot and return back to Windows - internet connection from the HuaWei-E5577 should be connected.

Note: Connecting via USB does not require password unlike connecting via WiFi require password as security to prevent others from piggyback on your internet connection.

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