Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Panasonic Sanyo Eneloop battery test real original genuine

Ever since it was available in the market - the Original Eneloop battery was quick to be replicated by the Chinese and sold to reap off the benefit of the battery staggering popularity. Because of it's high reliability and so far the best anyone can find out there the Eneloop battery definitely is hot selling products as it can be used for so many electronic devices like Clock, Camera, flashlight to name a few and there are many more general use of the battery. Yet it can be recharge 2100 times cycle - which is equivalent to 2100 non-rechargeable batteries.

However the Chinese is very quick to recognize this and there are some fake replica of the batteries that have the exact resemblance with the original one. Nonetheless Sanyo Panasonic provide a good description of the product in its datasheet that we can use to identify fake and original Eneloop battery which can be found in the PDF

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