Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Simple Easy 3.7 Volts DC to 3000 Volts AC - Power Moseft IRFZ48N

A simple circuit to convert 3.7 Volt DC battery to 3000 Volts AC using fast switching power mosfet IRFZ48N. The transformer is salvaged from faulty power supply with center tap primary. The component is very simple and easy to put together

The DC to AC circuit

1 x 1000 Ohm Resistor
1 x IRFZ48N Power Mosfet
1 x Mini step up transformer with center tap primary

The Voltage Multiplier to amplify the voltage up to 3000 volts

8 x Ceramic layer capacitors that can withstand up to 3 kilo Volts (3kV) of voltage and 8 diodes 1N4007 diodes. This is the simple schema if you have any question just let me know

10 Nano Farads Ceramic Capacitor or 0.001 Micro Farad is good enough