Sunday, August 14, 2016

DIY The cheapest most effective car scratch, bird droppings, tar cleaner

The most cheapest and most effective car scratches cleaner that you can find in the market is not exactly in the form of commercially made car polish. It cleans almost anything including scratches, bird droppings, tars / asphalt, or whatever the toughest stain you have on your car.

This video demonstrate how to clean nasty bird droppings and scratches without the need of expensive car polish or professional car wash.

Other tough common car paint stain can be removed DIY.

car nail polish
dry eggs stain
tree sap stain
dried bird poops / bird shit bird poo
Road tars / asphalt stain
Dead bugs / insects stain
Scuff marks
Dry Milk stain
Dried coffee stain
Remove road paint stain
Berry stains
Grease marks
Iron stain / rust
Oak tree stain
Wax stain
Brake fluid stain
brown spot on white paint
Light yellow stain
dried compound
Cat urine
Tough dried mud / dirt
Dead birds
Dried blood

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Most effective car scratch cleaner, bird droppings remover, bird poos remover, car polish nail remover, eggs stain, tree sap, bird poops, bird shit remover. Tar / Asphalt remover from car paint. The cheapest environmental friendly car scratch cleaner.

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