Monday, June 20, 2016

How to connect wires of the Volt / Amp Meter made china

This volt / amp meter is made in China but it's cheap and as well as quite accurate. It's a pretty handy device unlike the multi-meter where you need to measure voltage and current separately - the voltage / Amp meter can measure them simultaneously at the same time. Another use of this device can be combined adjustable regulated power supply circuit allow users to tweak voltage and current at the desired measurement.

I've compare the multi-meter measurement with the volt /amp meter and it's pretty exact in my case.

This is just for beginners reference just like when i started to learn to connect the device's wires to the battery source and the circuit - sometimes it can be difficult.

There are 5 wires where;

1. Thin black (negative) and red (positive) - These two wires is use to power up the Volt / Am meter device. As recommended it can power up using batteries or DC adapters providing voltage within 4.5 volts to 30 volts. Despite of the description actually i tried using 1 piece of 18650 battery measured at 4.0 is enough to power up the device.

2. The other 3 wires are Yellow (positive), Black (Negative), Red (Negative). In this setting the Yellow and Black to measure voltage while the Black and Red is to measure current (Amperage). Follow this instruction how to connect it

Yellow - connect to the positive power source of the circuit
Black - connect to the negative power source of the circuit
Red - connect to the negative load of the circuit

Circuit power source can be battery, phone adapter connect to AC, or whatever form of power source. The load can be a circuit, phone, or whatever electronic device that you power up to measure the Amp.

In this illustration - the Energizer 9 volt battery is use to power up the Volt/amp meter device. While the yellow (positive) and black (negative) wires connect to the power bank charger to measure voltage and the red wire connect to the negative of the load (in this case phone jack cable) to measure current draw (Amp). The yellow line connect between power bank and the load (phone) is continuous cord of positive wires.

Technical Specification of the device:

Operating Voltage : 4.5-30VDC
Operating Current : <20ma br=""> Measuring Voltage : 0-100VDC
Measuring Current : 0-10A

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