Saturday, January 16, 2016

What is Ad by Not Set - adware applicationframehost.exe

What is Ad by Not Set?

It's an adware programs installed on a computer and actively run in the background as applicationframehost.exe. The program is installed as a complimentary apps via installation of a software on the computer. Some people may not realize they have accepted it during the installation process and thus end up with dubious malware link ads whenever they visit a website.

It looks like a legit ads but upon click whether mouse right or left click always end up to the advertising page of the adware.

The followings are the behavior of the Ad Not Set

1. Impose its Ads links on certain words on a web-page and when someone click it leads to the ads
2. Auto slide ads windows automatically open and usually its Alibaba ads
3. Sometimes impose itself on genuine link for example someone click a link that leads to YouTube but instead landing on ads pages instead
4. It will run the Applicationframehost.exe on the task manager
5. It will run sihost.exe on the task manager

Where is the Ad by Not Set installed on the PC?

Commonly it is installed in c:\windows\system32 folder and the file is applicationframehost.exe and also ....These 2 file actively running whenever windows start and you can see it by right click on the taskbar and click "Taskbar Manager". It can be terminated but by end task but eventually it will turn on again next time windows restart.

How to remove applicationframehost.exe and

There is no installation setup for these two files so there is no way to remove it by going to the control panel to un-install. So the only way it by going to the system registry -

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