Sunday, January 10, 2016

Calculate dates + number of days using excel

Using this function you can add days to the dates to calculate its intended dates. For example

1 January 2010 + 95 days = 6 April 2010

The function below where we need to include year, month, and the days and add the number cells inside.


Ok now for example i want to calculate 1 March 2010 + 61 days = ? what is the future dates. Where

1 March 2010 = Column Cell A
61 Days = Column  Cell B

So we want to have the calculated dates in Column C

In column C type the following command
=Date(Year)(Cell A), Month(CellA), Day(Cell A)+Cell B this will yield a result 1 May 2010

Cell A is where the dates we know
Cell B is the number of days to add
Cell C is the result of the Cell A dates + Cell B number of days

Once this formula is done the rest of the column calculation is simply drag and it will calculate accordingly

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