Thursday, September 3, 2015

How to try e-commerce like Abante Cart, Open Cart, Magento, or Prestashop for 2 months free

Demo account is not enough to experience the usage of the e-commerce shop and there are quite a number of settings that you need to get used to it. The most basic setting that you need to know in e-commerce setup are.

1. Site Layout setting
2. Category and Product Listing
3. Shipping methods setting
4. Payment settings
5. Email settings

All these basic settings criteria are necessary to configure in e-commerce shop - otherwise skipping any of those will not make the e-commerce works. Despite of free demo site provided by each of the e-commerce shop it is not enough to experience the settings configuration because some of the permission are limited. For example you cannot view the setting changes that you made on your shop because it's just a demo page. So you left with the missing link which is the output of your changes and without this knowledge you cannot simulate how certain thing behave based on the changes you made. All you see is only how it looks but not how it works.

Fortunately Google Cloud platform provide free trials with $300 credits for 2 months period and most importantly its absolutely free of charge (Bitnami Launcher). This is more than enough to get familiarize yourself with any of the e-commerce setups and experience how to administer it. Beside you can install multiple e-commerce store such as Magento, Abante Cart, Open Cart, Prestashop, etc to familiarize with their features and settings.

The outcome of your testing will result you will gain some knowledge on the following

1. Know how to run and administer the e-commerce sites
2. Know which e-commerce script are the best that suite your preference
3. Know what steps are your customers are going through when purchasing your store.

There is nothing to loose to try but everything to loose if you don't experience it yourself. In websites and internet environment we need to be meticulous into the details in order to understand the whole situation. By just looking you will be forever inspired without a caused.

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