Wednesday, August 19, 2015

How to assign/transfer Godaddy domain name to Google Cloud hosting

If you are hosting your site on Google cloud compute engine and getting your domain from Godday - follow the steps below how to assign/transfer the domain name from Godaddy to Google Cloud. There are some information from Google cloud support but it's quite a heck lot of words and takes time to understand.

1. Go to Google Cloud console and select project

2. Go to Networking>>Cloud DNS and select your zone if no zone please create one.

If you are creating one

a. Give a zone name
2. DNS name for for example = (this can be your own website URL from Godaddy)

3. If a zone already created or already existed click on the Zone Name in the list. You will see automatically DNS server are generated below are just example as different zone will have different DNS generated by Google

There will be also the SOA

4. In the zone create create A type with the DNS name = (your domain) and create a CNAME with the DNS Name = see below

Ok that's done with Google Cloud now login to your Godaddy account and do the following

1. Manage Domain

2. Click on your domain

3. In the Setting>>Name Server enter the DNS that was created in Google Cloud...Networking>> DNS Cloud zone setup

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