Monday, August 24, 2015

DIY air-conditioner using ice and Styrofoam bucket

Sometimes ago when i thought my air conditioner was mechanically faulty - i was looking if there is an alternative ways that i could make to cool my room. After some research on the Youtube there are quite plenty of videos people making their own air conditioner using USB fan. So i made mine using a Styrofoam box, USB fan, PVC pipe and some bottle of mineral water to put in the ice. The result is not quite what they explained in the videos - beside the fan being weak the ice is not cold enough to cool my room. So i left the a memory of failure of doing this as depicted in the pictures below. I know there is an improvement can be made on this thing but considering that making the ice taking to much space in the refrigerator and also the time to wait for it - I've decided to stop this. The experience of doing it was great but success is far from reach. Eventually i fixed my air conditioner the weird way

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