Saturday, July 4, 2015

How to preserve data in hard-disk against water damage

Not many people are aware of the fact that hard drives can be properly preserved against water damage in case flooding occurs in the house or in an office. The majority of computer owners simply dispose of these units the moment they have been damaged by flooding or water flows.

This article will show you how to preserve the unit once it has been affected by massive water flows:

The first thing that you need to do is to get the unit out of the standing water. It is important NOT to power it up immediately. If you do this it can lead to electrical shock, for once, and secondly the unit can not operate once its power has been affected by water damage.

Isolate the hard drive away from the computer equipment because you need to prepare the disk drive for having your data recovered.

Do not consider drying out the unit or freeze it. If you do this, in the process of drying the water that has penetrated with its debris can evaporate while the particles may scratch the circuits inside the hard drive. So, never dry the unit or apply heating on it.

It is important to leave the unit closed up as it is and not try opening it. This operation should be done by the professional company involved in recovering the data. Keep in mind that the parts inside the unit are very sensitive to debris, dust as well as fingertips.

Use a zip log bag to place the hard drive in it to maintain it in a damp state. It is important for this unit to be kept damp once it has been saturated with water. In this respect you should insert a damp sponge along with the unit inside the zip lock bag. Get in touch with a data recovery company that has special equipment into using solutions to clean the hard drive in a proper way. If you take the steps from above you have pretty good chances to get your unit and the data you have on it recovered from the water damage.

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