Monday, July 6, 2015

How to open system registry file in Windows 7

Windows system registry is where the hearts of every programs installed inside the computers are stored including of the Windows important file itself. In fact malware, viruses, trojans, adware, worms are programmed to utilize the registry so that it can run in the background without the users noticing it. Sometimes programs are cannot be deleted even after it is completely uninstalled from the Add/Remove program in the Windows control panel - is because there are file in the registry folders that prevented them to be removed.

However in order to remove record data from the system registry once must be very careful not to delete other files that is not intend to be deleted. Otherwise it could cause failure to the programs or Windows programs itself if some of its component is removed. In doing so we need to know what exactly the name of the file or the folder where it was installed - using that keywords we can use it as a guide to clean up the registry record manually using the find function.

For example we have a file called Virus.exe constantly running in the background which you notice from the task manager. You have done whatever it takes including uninstall the file from Add/remove programs and also deleting every folders in the system. Yet it is still running as Virus.exe in the background and the worst case it runs every time windows started.

Here is the trick how to do it in Windows 7 Operating System

  1. Click on Windows Start button and type "Regedit" in the search box and press "Enter"
  2. Click on "Edit" tab and "Find..." or On keyboard press "CTRL + F" at the same time
  3. In the Find search box use the keyword "Virus.exe" and click "Find Next"
  4. Deleting one file usually is not enough after deleting one keep pressing F3 on the keyboard to search the next folder wherever the "Virus.exe" exist and delete each file or folders
  5. Until F3 can no longer yield any output (file or folders) that contains the Virus.exe then that's the end

After deleting all the registry the computer should be perfectly cleared from Virus.exe. Note that there are cases where programs like Skype got or Adobe flash got corrupted but after uninstalled and re-installed it still corrupted - This is a symptom where during uninstallation process the file was not completely removed/cleared from the computer. In this case follow the example how the it was done with the Virus.exe - after uninstalled then go into the registry and use specific keywords associated to the skype or adobe flash. Delete each folders or file that is associated to it. Once done then reinstall the file again there will be a significant difference.

Word of caution: Do not remove unnecessary record that is not related to the intended file that is need to be deleted.

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