Wednesday, July 15, 2015

How to make iron oxide powder

Iron oxide can be obtained from rusted metals and you can extract it using acidic solution or hydrogen peroxide. In this experiment i am going to use acetic acid and hydrogen peroxide solution as they are easy to get, cheap and not very harmful unless the concentration level is high. Below are the step to make iron oxide powder

1. Pour in some vinegar (acetic acid)
2. Mix in some Hydrogen Peroxide
3. Dip in any rusted iron metals i.e. Nails, etc inside
4. Leave the solution for few days

The hydrogen peroxide is very effective even at 6% concentration which is used for wound treatment is enough to initiate obvious corrosive reaction to the metal. Although the vinegar (acetic Acid) is not so obvious but practically it does the same effect as the Hydrogen peroxide. In one day observation the solution is already turning brown which meant the iron oxide is extracting from the rusted metal.

After dipping 3 to 4 days the solution should be good enough to make it into powder. To do that use the followings

1. Take a empty jar and place a piece of cloth on the jar mouth as filter.
2. Use rubber band to hold the cloth tighten the seal
3. Pour in the brownish iron oxide solution onto the cloth

Hydrogen peroxide and vinegar solution is filtered into the empty jar while the residue of iron oxide paste remain on the cloth filter. After that dry the wet iron oxide paste in the sun or heat it to make it completely dry. Once it is dried use mortar to crush it into powder and it's done.

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