Friday, July 31, 2015

Gaojie 30 Watt Desoldering Iron Vacuum Sucker

I've just purchased the Gaojie 30 watt desoldering iron vacuum sucker. At first try it doesn't really work because i am new to this stuff, but after few days of trying at last i've got the result i expected. The experience using this desolder iron sucker - is it work's on the solder board with a little bit large based and softer solder as shown below. You need a little bit of skill using this thing where you need to make sure it heated up to it's maximum and when it is place on the component legs make a little circle to wiggle it. Then press the trigger button to suck out the solder. It will works great.

These are the result of the desoldering - some electronic components from the old motherboard and printer motherboards.

The type of circuit board as shown below is the one i am talking about is near impossible for the Gaojie desolder iron pump to remove. Even after applying more solder to the based it still doesn't really work - although some are successful but most have failed. The reason behind this i believe the 30 wattage is not enough supply heat to the solder. Based on the Youtube videos that i've seen it requires at minimum of 40 watt to melt these fine solder. Another difficulties of this type of circuit board is the solder too tiny, harder, and the hole through is much smaller. So if you want to fix a motherboard like get a higher wattage desoldering iron or if you have heat gun it can be used as complementary tool to the Gaojie desolder iron to provide more heat.

Maintaining the Desolder pump is important to remove excess residue of the solder that comes from the circuit board. Especially the sucking nozzle and also the pump. Use the cleaning metal stick to push any residue of solders inside the nozzle all the way to the pump. When it's cold it is more difficult to remove so heat it up so that it melt the solder inside then it can be easily scrap off using the stick.

When cleaning make sure the metal stick cleaner can go through all the way otherwise if not there must some solder harden along the hole.

These are the two nozzles come with the desolder iron where one is smaller hole and another slightly bigger. I've tried the smaller one seems to have less heat compare to the larger one not sure why is that - so i sticked to the larger hole nozzle to do desoldering work.

The pump / plunger can be removed from the desolder iron there is a clip that you can easily press to get it out.

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