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Capacitors Info

Types of Capacitors

Types of capacitors and their functions / use / application - can be found here

Function of capacitors

  • In a power supply, it acts to filter the output so there is little ripple. 
  • In an amplifier, it can be used to block DC and allow AC to pass. 
  • In general, it acts as a filter, blocking lower frequencies and passing higher ones. 
  • In power circuits it can correct the power factor so that the current and voltage are in phase, or more so. 
  • In motors it shifts the phase so that the motor will run. 
  • It's used to store charge in applications like a flash on a camera.
  • In conjunction with coils to form tuned circuit. 
  • In conjunction with resistors to form timing circuit or frequency selective circuits.
  • To decouple unwanted a.c signal to ground or earth. 
  • Use in amplification circuit to filter out ripples in conversion of AC to DC
  • Capacitors are components that are used to store an electrical charge and are used in timer circuits. A capacitor may be used with a resistor to produce a timer. Sometimes capacitors are used to smooth a current in a circuit as they can prevent false triggering of other components such as relays. When power is supplied to a circuit that includes a capacitor - the capacitor charges up. When power is turned off the capacitor discharges its electrical charge slowly.

How to charge capacitors

When a capacitor is fully charged the light will goes off - meaning the capacitor is fulled. Attached the positive end and negative end of the fully charged capacitor will release its electrical charged - for example attaching to light bulb until the bulb getting dimmer and off the charges fully drained out.

Experiment of Capacitors

What happen when capacitor is not present in electrical appliance for example a ceiling fan. In this video demonstrate the electrical energy have no rule (not regulated) without the present of capacitors.

What is start or run capacitors?

'integrated' phase convertor design, there are both 'run' and 'start' capacitors listed. I realize that the 'start' capacitor is to produce a kick to get the idler motor started and the 'run' capacitor produces the phase shift necessary to manufacture the third phase. Reference Start vs Run Capacitors

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