Monday, May 25, 2015

Most effective way to clean rust

Rust is the chemistry of nature - combination of oxygen with the particles in the atmosphere. There is also acids which are corrosive in nature and it can scrap off almost anything including human tissue when it is highly concentrated and the PH level its lowest point. So in this experiment we are going to use the most widely available acids in the household and it's very cheap - the vinegar (acetic acids). The PH level of vinegar is probably more or less within 5 and it's edible not hazardous to human body unless consumed excessively.

In this video adding hydrogen peroxide is not necessary but if you have them it will make it more effective because the hydrogen peroxide is also corrosive. You can buy them at the pharmacy not so expensive but anyway here is the video.

Without the hydrogen peroxide the rust could take longer to peel off from the metal - but you can add higher acidity concentration of vinegar which also work as well

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