Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Foxconn H55MXV Motherboard Time and Dates Keep Resetting Itself

I've purchased a use motherboard Foxconn H55MXV sometimes ago only to find the Date and Time keep resetting itself randomly whenever the computer restarted. Updating the date and time manually on the CMOS setup screen and using Windows automatic updates from the internet time server ( only works temporarily. The problem persisted whenever the computer is turned off.

In the end resetting using the CMOS jumper and CMOS battery was the perfect solution to this problem. This is what I did for the Foxconn H55MXV motherboard

  1. Open the computer casing and remove the CMOS battery 
  2. Set the CMOS jumper to pin 2 and 3
  3. Leave it that way for 10 seconds before putting them back to its original position
  4. Once that is done reboot the computer and press [DEL] on the keyboard during reboot. This should leads to the BIOS setup screen
  5. Use "Tab" key to scroll to the System Information options. Set the current dates and time values and save the settings during exit.
  6. Reboot the PC
The problem should be solved by then, the dates and time will show correctly on Windows. This trick generally applicable for all computers but the CMOS setup screen might be slightly different depending on the motherboard brands (BIOS)

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