Monday, September 8, 2014

How to fix BOOTMGR image is corrupt. The system cannot boot

Bootmgr image missing or corrupt due to any of the following reasons:

1. Deliberately changing the boot sequence in the BIOS setup
2. Un-seat/Re-seat the device cable connector (Harddisk, CD/DVD Drive)
3. Outdated Bios
4. Faulty motherboard

However to assume motherboard is faulty before any fixes done would be a bad mistakes. This is what happened to my computer when removing the faulty Video Cards from the PCI-E slots. After removing it, the message keeps appearing BOOTMGR image is corrupt during boot. The system cannot boot. So what i've tried

1. Changing the boot sequenced
2. Try to boot from CD/DVD to allow the Windows 7 installation to boot

The problem persisted despite of many trial and errors. So the last options i have was to update the BIOS which seems to work

1. Update BIOS by doing this
  • Using 1 USB Flash Drive (Ready to be formatted)
  • Download Rufus DOS Bootable ( --> Exactly
  • Extract the Rufus.exe to Flash drive where it will format the USB Flash drive and install Free DOS inside
  • Download BIOS update file for your motherboard -- mine is Each motherboard has its own bios file provided by the manufacturer. If you don't know your Motherboard exact model us the CPUID to detect the exact model of your motherboard --
  • Copy the BIOS updates file to the USB
2. Restart/Turn the PC and go to BIOS setup usually by pressing F2. Setup the boot sequence to have USB flash drive first and restart the PC for the changes to take effect

3. Once the PC starting to boot then start to update your motherboard BIOS. Remember updating bios is very risky, any premature updates or wrong update could possibly make it permanent faulty.

4. After the BIOS is updated remove the USB flash drive and try whether the PC can boot if still cannot then

5. Try to switch the cable Hard-disk connection to a different connector and try again

Hopefully it will works.

Other symptoms of Boot manager corrupted:

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