Sunday, May 25, 2014

Copper wire scrap from faulty Alba hand mixer machine

Copper wire usually can be found in most motor operated machine, it is wrapped around the central rotor and sometimes along side the rotor as an electromagnetic mechanism to spin the motor. In small scale motor application such as remote control toy car commonly run on dynamo motor where magnets and copper is used. In hand mixer mechanism it is completely using a combination of iron metal and copper wire to produce the magnetic force to runs the motor. The electromagnet force gets activated when it is connected to power source (electricity) where it can produce a significant amount of force capable of spinning in sticky cake dough making.

Taking out the copper from the central rotor may looks difficult but it's not impossible if you try. However the easiest copper wire to get is from the electromagnetic parts where you can just unwrap and put it on empty spool. The interesting part is the copper wire is wrapped in 2 layers where the outer layer is using thicker copper and thinner copper on the inner layer. So you will get 2 copper wire rolls from the electromagnetic part itself.

You can check in eBay how much you can get for 1 spool of copper wire like this. Apart from that you have a central motor and ready made housing that can be used as hobby materials. Other minor scraps you can get are the aluminium plated casing and miscellaneous ready assembled electronic components such as on/off switch, power cable, the turbo boost switch.

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