Saturday, February 22, 2014

Fixing Samsung Refrigerator Wet Electronic Board (PCB)

During the flood the backside of the refrigerator was filled with water. Even after the flood there is water still contained at the back compartment and wet the electronic board (PCB). That cause the fridge to smell burn when turn it on after the first time and some of the electronic indicator light i.e. hot/cold and internal lighting failed to function properly.

When we called the contractor to fix it, he just came and open it. Without diagnosing the problem he directly told the electronic board is faulty and it would cost RM400++ to replace it including labour charge. Furthermore he could not guarantee that it will work properly after the fix and he also said the compressor might be faulty as well (which cause another RM400++) due to the flood and he said whether we want to continue fixing it or not. Thinking that it was too costly I choose not to proceed with his offer but then the cost of the visit is already cost RM50.

The next day after, I was trying my luck to check.

1. Hair Dryer
2. Spray bottle suction
3. Screw drivers

Firstly remove the water from the back compartment using the spray bottle suction. Position the fridge a little slanting backward so that the water go to one place that is easy to suck it all. Then use the spray bottle suction to suck out all the water and it is very effective tool indeed. After finished there are at least more 2-3 litres of water contained in the back. That probably caused the smell like boiled hot water cooked by the fridge heat sink.

Secondly open the PCB (electronic board) fortunately it is built for easy maintenance. Take it off and use hair dryer to dry out the water inside it open all the cable connectors and dry it off to prevent short circuit.

After all that is done put everything back in place and wait for 30 minutes before turning the fridge on to make sure everything is completely dry. After 30 minutes later turned on the fridge and everything back to normal. We saved RM400++ but still lost RM50.

Samsung Fridge wet PCB

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