Tuesday, November 19, 2013

EPSON L200 CISS printer (Continuous Ink Supply System) review

This is another review for EPSON L200 CISS after the first one here. Have been using it for quite sometimes now and the result is more than satisfactory. There are no major issues with the printer so far and its still operating as usual. Although this is an average printer with standard printing capability but the outcome is great - probably hundreds of documents and photos has been printed using it thus far all is good as expected

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Obviously the L200 CISS is built for significant cost saving printing. For the record i have printed around 300 to 400 full colored photos and hundreds of word documents still there are some ink left in the reservoir tank
2 The L200 is a real proof EPSON built a great photo printers even at standard scale with CISS installed the output is smooth, slick, and shiny on the cheapest photo papers (RM6.00 / 20 pieces 4R standard). 
3 The ink smudge effect is not as bad as the cheap china CISS ink. In fact china ink cannot print photos as it will smudge right during the printing process as the paper roll out of the printer.
4 Although EPSON CISS ink is a little more expensive than china ink but it's worth it and still way much cheaper compare to the original ready used cartridge ink. It's just RM20 or USD $6 - $7 per 100 ml for each color (CYMK) Cyan, Yellow, Magenta, Black
5 The EPSON CISS refilling system is a little difference where it requires special ID code from the refill ink's bottle. The code is to reset the ink capacity indicator so the printer can recognize it has been filled otherwise it will always show low ink level and alert the user it's empty it is full. Example of the 13 digits code/serial ID for CYMK ink that i used in the past:
  • Yellow: VKG-FN9-VDD-L4E5
  • Black: LH6-PSU-LZ5-SP3R
  • Magenta: TQC-SF7-C6U-5ML5
  • Cyan: 3WL-5PN-EM9-5AW5
6 The printer was claimed to be first manufactured by EPSON Indonesia and now it is widely available in Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia through exports or join manufacturing. Read here
  • Cost in Malaysia around RM350 to RM399 or (USD $120 to USD $135)
7 Since this is factory built CISS - no worries about ink flow, air pressure, temperature, etc. All is good and have been using it for almost a year now nothing wrong with the ink flow at all. Unlike the shop customized CISS can be headache dealing with ink not flowing, air bubble in the ink host, etc. Besides it can also dirty and messy when the ink overflow from the cartridge's nozzle the EPSON is clean at all time.
8 EPSON L200 CISS is perfect for home and commercial use to print documents, photos, pamphlets, booklets, etc

EPSON CISS L200 Photo printingCISS Ink smudge effect


  1. Can i use ordinary ciss inks to this printer?

    1. Yes sure ordinary ink should work just fine. The reason why the chinese ink smudge is because of its less viscosity where they probably added more water to increase volume of production which means to make more profit out of it i guess

  2. Will it require me to encode id refill code if I use universal ink?

    1. Yes but you can reuse other people's code which perhaps you can find online easily here is one example EPSON ink refill code