Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to change Classipress 486 x 60 banner

The original Classipress 468 x 60 banner is link to the Premium Apptheme side, so you might want to change the banner to your own preference and link.

1. Login to Classipress control pannel
2. Look for "Classipress" category > Settings
3. In settings click on "Advertising" tab > Now you can change the 468 x 60 ads either from the Ad Code box or from the (Ad Image URL + Ad Image Destination) field.

  • Ad Image URL = The location where the image is hosted
  • Ad Image Destination = The destination where it link upon clicking the ads
  • You can only use either Ad Code Box or (Ad Image URL + Ad Image Destination). Even if you add both only one will appear.

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