Wednesday, September 7, 2011

How to make animated GIF images from .avi video

Animated GIF images are very useful when to create cool moving images on websites especially for advertisement banners or instructive images. The advantage of using GIF images over videos because the file size is way much lesser and it is best to use GIF when the animation time frame is less than 1 minute.

Animated GIF can be created manually using set of multiple images combines together in frames using Photoshop application. However going through the process is taking a lot of time and it is very tedious when it comes to smooth transition as it requires many set of frames to get smooth output.

Therefore I would recommend GIF movie gear made by Gamani, and you can download the fully functional 30 days trial of this software at The paid version would cost USD $29.95 for 4 users’ license.

The advantages using GIF Movie Gear

1. It converts videos (avi format) into multiple GIF images frames
2. Editing image by removing unwanted frames to shorten the animation
3. Optimize GIF file by reducing colors, pixels, and use transparency for interframes

How to create smooth transition GIF

1. Record a short video (avi format) using Free desktop screen record i.e. CamStudio
2. Open the recorded video file in GIF movie gear
3. Save it as GIF
4. Remove unwanted frames and optimize the video to reduce the GIF file size
5. Test the GIF animation using the play button until you satisfied
6. Once done save it file folder and ready to upload to website


1. Only AVI video can be converted to GIF
2. You can record any moving things on the computer, websites, or YouTube videos
3. Download free CamStudio Desktop screen recorder - Download

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