Saturday, August 13, 2011

How to delete Photos from Canon IXUS 110 IS Camera

Canon IXUS 110 IS really is a standard high resolution 12.1 megapixels camera with micro zoom feature capable of capturing tiny images as small as 9 points font size. Even though the micro zoom is not working for video recording, the output is still very clear if recorded under good lighting conditions.

In terms of usability, it will take sometimes for users to familiar with the functionality of the phones especially the simple "Delete" option. So this time we going to find out how to delete photos/videos individually, multiple, and all at once. Follow the steps below.

How to delete single pictures/videos

1. Click VIEW button⇒FUNC. SET button⇒press Right Toggle
2. Choose "Erase"⇒press FUNC. SET button
3. Done!!

How to delete multiple pictures/videos

1. Press VIEW button⇒Press MENU button
2. Scroll with Toggle button to “Erase” menu⇒press FUNC.SET
3. There are 3 options to choose (Delete random multiple, in-range, and all images)
  1. Select (Select multiple images to delete)⇒to use this function click FUNC. SET button to open the file gallery. In file gallery find the desired pictures to delete and press FUNC. SET button to select. Scroll around the gallery with the toggle button and keep press FUNC. SET to select another images. After selection is done click MENU button to find the “Erase” option.
  2. Select Range (Select file within a range to delete)⇒to use this function click use the Toggle scroll button to "Select Range" and press FUNC. SET button to open the file gallery. Select the initial range (picture/video) and click right toggle scroll to set the end range image. Once done scroll to "Erase" option using the Toggle scroll and press FUNC. SET to delete.
  3. All images (This option to delete all pictures/videos) at once. To use this function press the FUNC. SET and it will direct you to the Erase option

That’s how to delete pictures on Canon IXUS 110 IS camera.

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  1. Thank you so much for the instructions. It helped me figure out how to delete on my Ixus 265 HS