Monday, August 29, 2011

How to capture fix region image using Snagit 10

Snagit is a screenshot program (software) that operates under Windows Operating System. It is produced by TechSmith as is very easy to use to capture images on computers just by using the Print Screen button on computer keyboard. It is also comes with simple image editing to create attractive image effects such as torn edges, adding finger icons, etc.

Capture pictures in fixed size dimension or region is very useful when those pictures are intended to make a collage pattern. This will keep them standardize in size area and make the collage style looks clean. Here is a simple instruction how to capture fixed image dimension using Snagit 10.

1. Open Snagit 10 application
2. Click "Capture" tab ⇒ Input ⇒ Advanced ⇒ Fixed Region
3. Under Profile Setting Click "Fixed Region" ⇒ Properties ⇒ Fixed Region
4. Set the desired size dimension (region) "Width" and "Height"
5. Once it is done now you can start capture by pressing "Print Screen" button on keyboard

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