Tuesday, July 12, 2011

TMnet Streamyx DNS Settings

Most modern Modem usually will configure the DNS (Domain Name Server) automatically by default. However at times you may need to set it manually to get Internet connection to work especially when using static IP address configuration. Below is the details of DNS server IP address you can use.

TMnet Streamyx DNS IP address:

Preferred DNS Server: |
Alternate DNS Server: |

Jaring DNS Server IP address:

Open DNS IP Address:

Google DNS: |
Open DNS: |

Note: Open DNS can be used as alternative when you are unable to find your own specific DNS IP address from the ISP (Internet Service Provider)

How To Flush DNS

Flush DNS means erase the current settings of DNS configuration. Usually when Internet connection is having problem or corrupted, flushing DNS is one of the step might be required to clear up the old DNS settings.

1. In Windows Go to Start>Run>Type "CMD" and Enter
2. In command Prompt Type ipconfig /flushdns

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