Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How to increase system memory in Windows 7

Windows Multi-Tasking activities such as internet browsers, playing music, using application software simultaneously can drain out the system memory big time. And when it happens the system will start to show exhaustive processing indication by slowing down or even freeze the screen. One of the solutions to this problem is by upgrading the System’s memory to provide more rooms for the processors (CPU) to process data.

However upgrading the memory RAM can be costly, for example 1GB of RAM may cost you RM100++ to spend or up to RM400 for 8GB capacity depending on its technological specifications. In addition users who are not tech savvy are prone to the risk of purchasing the wrong RAM which does not fit their computers motherboard and processors specifications.

In Windows Vista and Windows 7 Operating Systems, these problems can be solved using the ReadyBoost feature that comes with the OS installation package for FREE. All you need is a flash drive that is fast enough to run with the ReadyBoost feature. How to enable ReadyBoost?

1. Plug-in your flash drive into the PC
2. Start→Computer→Right Click on Flash Drive→Properties→ReadyBoost Tab
3. Select: Dedicate this device to ReadyBoost (Permanently use for ReadyBoost) OR “Use this Device” (If you still want to use it as storage)
4. Click OK. Now your flash Drive is running as Memory storage.

How to check/test if your Flash Drive is working as ReadyBoost

1. In Windows Go To Start→Type “Perfmon” and Enter
2. Click Performance Monitor
3. Click Plus Sign (Add) and Search For ReadyBoost Cache→Add and OK
4. Click on Change Graph Type→Report (This is for easier viewing)
5. Run a program and look at the ReadyBoost data is calculating which means its working
6. Unplug the Flash Drive from PC, all the Data will be stop calculating = ReadyBoost stop working


1. Use Flash Drives that is ReadyBoost Compatible to maximize performance.
2. Flash Drives are 3 to 4 times much cheaper than physical memory RAM.
3. 4GB is the maximum for a single drive to run ReadyBoost
4. Flash Drive does not require specific Tech Spec of motherboards or processors.

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