Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Iphone 4 Quick Review

When it comes to Apple gadgets usually i will go to The Spring shopping mall Apple Store to test because they have the test unit for people to touch and play with. So i have tested the new Iphone 4 which is very good. Operating System stability is perfect and no lag when scrolling from one screen to another, it's just slide smoothly. As always Apple will never failed with its sleek design and of course the new Iphone 4 is no exception. The pre-install application software also are as good as of those from the Android OS smart phones. But...!!

The only major disadvantage of all Apple products is the flexibility to install other application software that is not specifically designed for Apple. Unlike Android OS, 90% of application software are offered free for users especially those made by Google and also made from various sources. The Iphone on the other hand 70% are paid applications and most annoying is FREE stuffs are just Trials products. That's why i always stay away from Apple gadgets despite of its unique technological innovation. Personally i feel that Apple is as ignorance as myself.

Anyway apart from that i have also made an inquiry from the DIGI store for the Iphone 4. They said only RM58/- monthly fees for 2 years post-paid data plan for unlimited internet connection with the same speed as the HTC Desire HD which cost RM68/- per month. So i guess the Iphone has the better deal from DIGI compare to HTC but too bad i still chose the later.

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