Sunday, June 5, 2011

HTC Desire HD Review

I like almost everything about the HTC Desire HD as all the required features to function as a smart phone are all there. Among the basic things I like such as the internet connectivity (Wireless, edge, HSDPA, 3G), 8 Mega Pixel Camera, GPS map, and the Android Operating System. Most Application software is free to download from the Android market especially those made by Google. And of course for me the main purpose of having this phone is to utilize the Google application software to update myself with my work. By that I meant Google Docs is very important where I can read all the documents anywhere as long as there is internet connection available.
So everything else about the HTC Desire HD is perfect. Except that the only major drawback of this phone is high battery consumption. This is due to many applications are auto-updating itself such as Facebook, emails, news, weather, screen display etc even if it is in off mode. As a result the longest battery can last is approximately an hour or so when all the auto-updates applications are active. There is no choice when carrying this phone, you must bring along the USB charger to recharge in the car while moving on the road to keep the battery level at its maximum.

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