Wednesday, June 22, 2011

How to clean Swiss Army knife – adhesive stain

If you are using Swiss Army knife to open boxes seal, usually it leaves the stubborn adhesive tape stain on the knife blades or scissors. It cannot be cleaned merely by cloth wiping, water, or detergent and if untreated overtime the stain will eventually accumulate and caused the knife blade/scissors to blunt. One of the tricks I found out is that most chemical fluids with Fuel based are the perfect solution to dissolve the sello-tape stain easily. It is not only making the cleaning less hassle but also recovers the shining look of the blades. Below are the lists of chemical fluids that I use to clean my Swiss Army knife.

1. Lighter Fuel
2. Car Petrol
3. Bolt Looser lubricant

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  1. Thanks for sharing tips for clean of swiss army knife and I see this video and that Easy method for clean of knife and also It's totally free side effect on knife.