Thursday, May 5, 2011

Bad Modem - Aztech & D-Link

I am very frustrated with product made by D-Link and Aztech. I have at least 3 Aztech and D-Link modems which are now all faulty. The caused of defect is either electrocuted by lightning or just gone dead by itself.

Currently i still have 2 D-Link modem as backup, but until when can these 2 will last? If anyone out there can recommend the best modem that can last longer and anti-lightning i would be grateful to take your advice. I don't want to spend some more money to buy D-Link and Aztech poor products.


  1. So far from what I know, there is nothing we can do about modem gone dead because of lightning strike. You can try to plug it into a surge protector or UPS to 'reduce the risk' or turn it off when it rain (of course, this is unlikely).

    If had used some D-Link high perfomace modem/router like : DIR-655. It is awesome, fast and quite reliable. You can also look at Asus routers.

    Belkin and Level One previously offered lifetime and Lightning Strike warranty on some of their modem/router, though I'm not sure whether they are still doing it now.

    1. Yeah now officially i have 4 modem of Aztech and D-Link gone kaput after my last D-Link.

      Now i am using Belkin N150 it works very good so far no problem at all. Even though its a bit pricey but i think its worth it.

      I will not use D-Link and Aztech anymore.....!! That's for sure because i have my physical record at home :).

  2. For the record my Belkin N150 is alive and well even though it is turned on for long hours sometimes 10 to 14 hours and during stormy days. The Belkin N150 modem still survive it.

    It is the best of all modem I've ever had.