Friday, November 26, 2010

How to monitor system resources usage on Windows 7

Monitoring your computer system resources can identify which software or application programs use the most significant amount of your computer's CPU, Hard disk, network bandwidth, and memory RAM. This identification is essential to provide you the idea whether to turn on or off the program or even upgrade your hardware to improve speed performance.

How to monitor computer system resources in Windows 7 operating system is quite simple.
  • Start>  All Programs> Accessories> System Tools> Resource Monitor

What can you monitor on Windows 7 system resources usage:
  • Memory RAM usage - Identify which application software use the most memory. High usage meaning that the program can significantly slow computer performance when it is in use.
  • CPU usage - Identify which application utilize the most processor activity. High CPU usage also can significantly slow down computer speed performance.
  • Disk usage - Identify which initiate the most write/read activities on the hard disk. This also can reduce the speed of hard disk.
  • Network usage - Identify which application software use the most bandwidth such as p2p torrent software, internet browsers, auto updates application, internet firewall, etc.

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