Monday, November 15, 2010

Cucusoft Youtube Mate Video Audio Converter

One of the most powerful media software converter from Cucusoft is the Youtube Mate. It converts almost any video format as listed below from one format to another. It also download video format like flash, flv, and youtube videos directly from website.

You can purchase full license only cost around $30 USD each from Cucusfot here. Cucusoft Youtube Mate


Ipod MPEG-4 Movie (.mp4) -- Default for iPod
iPod Classic H.264 Movie (.mp4)
iPod Classic MPEG-4 Movie (.mp4)
iPod H.264 Movie (.mp4)
iPod touch H.264 Movie (.mp4)
iPod touch MPEG-4 Movie (.mp4)
iPod TV Size1 (480x368) MPEG-4 Movie (.mp4)
iPod TV Size2 (512x384) MPEG-4 Movie (.mp4)
iPod TV Size3 (640c480) MPEG-4 Movie (.mp4)
iPod video nano H.264 Movie (.mp4)
iPod video nano MPEG-4 Movie (.mp4)


iPhone (480x320) H.264 Movie (.mp4)
iPhone (480x320) MPEG-4 Movie (.mp4)
iPhone 3G (480x320) H.264 Movie (.mp4)
iPhone 3G (480x320) MPEG-4 Movie (.mp4)
iPhone 3Gs (480x320) H.264 Movie (.mp4)
iPhone 3Gs (480x320) MPEG-4 Movie (.mp4)
iPhone 4 H.264 Movie (.mp4)
iPhone 4 MPEG-4 Movie (.mp4)


Zune 2 - MPEG-4 (.mp4)
Zune 2 - WMV (.wmv)
Zune Video - HD (.wmv)
Zune Video - HD TV Size1 (720x480) (.wmv)
Zune Video - HD TV Size2 (1280x720) (.wmv)
Zune Video - Windows Media 7 (.wmv)
Zune Video - Windows media 8 (.wmv) -- Default Zune
Zune Video - Windows media 9 (.wmv)

Apple TV

Apple TV (1280x720) H.264 Movie (.mp4)
Apple TV (640x480) MPEG-4 Movie (.mp4)

Game Devices:

NDS - DPG2 Video (.dpg)
PS3 Video (.mp4)
PSP - PSP H.264 Movie (.mp4)
PSP - PSP MPEG-4 Movie (.mp4)
Wii - AVI Video (.avi)
XBox 360 - High quality (.wmv)
XBox 360 - Video (640x480) (.wmv)

Mobile Formats

Nokia 3GP Video (.3gp)
Nokia FLV Video (.flv)
Nokia MP4 Video (.mp4)
Nokia WMV Video (.wmv)
Blackberry 3gp Video (.3gp)
Blackberry AVI Video (.avi)
Blackberry Bold 9000 (.wmv)
Blackberry Bold 9000 (.mp4)
Blackberry mp4 video (.mp4)
Blackberry storm video (.mp4)
Blackberry Storm video (.wmv)
Palm Pre 3gp video (.3gp)
Palm Pre MPEG-4 video (.mp4)
Palm Pre WMV video (.wmv)
Palm Pre WMV video (.wmv)
Gphone video H.263 (.3gp)
Gphone Video H.264 (.mp4)
Gphone Video Mpeg-4 (.mp4)
Gphone WMV video (.wmv)
Samsung 3GP video (.3gp)
Samsung mp4 video (.mp4)
LG Mp4 video (.mp4)
Motorolla Mp4 video (.mp4)
Sony Ericsson MP4 video (.mp4)
Windows Mobile Dell Phone WMV video (.wmv)
Windows Mobile HP Ipaq WMV video (.wmv)
Windows Mobile iRiver WMV video (.wmv)
Windows Mobile Pocket PC WMV video (.wmv)
3GPP - 3rd generation partnership project (.3gp)
3GPP2 - 3rd generation partnership project (.3g2)

Portable Media Player

Archos 105, wMV video (.wmv)
Archos 404, 405 AVI video (.avi)
Archos 404, 405 MWV video (.wmv)
Archos 5, 7 AVI video (.avi)
Archos 5, 7 WMV video (.wmv)
Archos 504, 604 AVI video (.avi)
Archos 504, 604 WMV video (.wmv)
Archos 605, 704, 705 AVI video (.avi)
Archos 605, 704, 705 WMV video (.wmv)
Archos AV 500, AV 700 AVI video (.avi)
Archos AV 500, AV 700 WMV video (.wmv)
Archos Player AVI video (.avi)
Creative Zen Player AVI video (.avi)
Creative Zen Player mpeg-1 video (.mp)
Creative Zen Player mpeg-2 video (.mp)
Creative Zen Player mpeg-4 video (.mp4)
Creative Zen Player WMV Video (.wmv)
Sansa e200 (.mov)
Sansa Fuze mpeg-4 video (.mp4)
Sansa View AVI video (.avi)
Sansa View Mpeg-4 video (.mp4)
Sony Walkman (.mp4)

HD Video Format

HD - ASF Video (.asf)
HD - AVI Video (.avi)
HD - H.264 video (.mp4)
HD - Mpeg-2 video (.mp)
HD - Mpeg-4 video (.mp4)
HD - Quicktime video (.mov)
HD - Trp file (.trp)
HD - TS video (.ts)
HD - VOB video (.vob)
HD - WMV video (.wmv)

Flash Video

FLV - Flash video format, Youtube vdeo, etc (.flv)
FLV - FLV mpeg-4 format (.f4v)
FLV - SWF for website user, swf format (.swf)


DVD - DVD format (.mpg)
SVCD - Super Video CD Format (.mpg)
VCD - Video CD format (.mpg)
VOB - VOB file mpeg-2 PS format (.vob)

Common Video

ASF - Advanced streaming format (.asf)
AVI - Audio video Interleaved (.avi)
H.264 Movie (.mp4)
MKV (Matroska) video (.mkv)
Mov - Quicktime movie (.mov)
Mp4 - Mpeg-4 video (mp4)
mpeg - 1 video (.mpg)
mpeg - video (.mpg)
RM - realVideo (.rm)
wmv - Windows Media video (.wmv)

Common Audio

AAC - Advanced Audio Coding (.mp4, .aac)
AC3 - Dolby Digital AC-3 audio (.ac3)
M4A - Mpeg Layer-4 audio (.m4a)
MKA - (Matroska) audio (.mka)
MP2 - Mpeg Layer-2 Audio (.mp2)
MP3 - Mpeg Layer-3 Audio (.mp4)
RA - Real Audio (.ra)
SUN AN format audio (.au)
WMA - Windows Media Audio (.wma)

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