Saturday, July 31, 2010

How to make dynamic effect line using pen tool in photoshop CS4

Using the pen tool to create artistic lines is very useful especially when it comes to curves or curly line shape. And then you can apply brush effect on the line to make it look cool. However if you can apply stylish dynamic shape line it would be cooler rather than plane normal line.

Dynamic style lines will create a shape that is bigger in the middle and getting smaller in the end of the line tips like the picture below. It is very useful if you want to create curly (Springy) lines around an object to make it look more artistic.

Follow the steps below.

Step 1: In photoshop CS4 click on Pen tool and make sure the setting set to "path" see picture. And start to draw curve or curly lines. Once it is done then

 Step 2: Click on brush tools. Go to Windows Tab --> Select Brushes option. Make sure "Shape Dynamic" is checked and Control: pen pressure option is selected. Once it is done then

Step 3: Click back on the pen tool. Right click on the image where you apply the pen tool. Then click on "stroke path". Once done right click again and click "delete path" leaving only the dynamic brush effect.

This technique is extremely useful to make abstract arts on Adobe Photoshop especially make curly lines around objects.

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