Step Up Voltage Experiment

This experiment shows the most efficient step up voltage circuit capable of powering 220 volt - 3 watt LED bulb using a single AA battery with charges of 1 volt to 3 volts. The circuit consist of high voltage step up transformer driven by KSH 200 transistor. The efficiency is not only to power its ability to power 220 volt bulb but also on the voltage consumption. Using 1.4 volt battery test a couple of hours only reduce down to 1.2 volts...

This is how the testing goes

1.4 volt single piece of AA battery without load the circuit draw 0.08 Amp or 80 mA of current. Upon connecting to the load 220 volt 3 watt LED bulb draw 0.12 A or 120 mA of current and the voltage reduce to 1.2 volt on DC connection by the forward diode. However the most amazing part is on AC connection the current draw is around 0.17 A or 170 mA making the bulb brighter.

That means ;

1.4 volt x 0.12 A = 0.168 watts of energy - DC connection
1.4 volt x 0.17 A = 0.124 watts of energy - AC connection

This capable of making good lighting at the store and remote areas where there are no electricity available - using just 1.5 volt battery of any shape is able to step voltage up to 300 volt. Whereas 3 volt will go up to 520 volt or so. The circuit has a bright future to help humanity especially who live in remote without lighting and as well as for survival purposes. This is the most promising circuit that one day that can be combined with revolutionized green battery that will power light for long long time probably endlessly

Current draw without load to the circuit = 0.08 A or 80 mA

Current draw with load on DC connection = 0.12 A or 120 mA which glows the bulb

Current draw with load on AC connection = 0.17 A o 170 mA which glows the bulb much brighter

There will new experiment using this circuit including low voltage battery at around 600 mV to 800 mV to test if it still capable of lighting up the 3 watt bulb. And if it does this will be the most successful and ultimate slayer exciter or joule thief or whatever you may call it. The greatest mission will be accomplished to get the nearest of the free source of energy

Using 2 x AA batteries in series = 3 volt initial current without load to the circuit 0.19 A or 190 Amp and voltage drop to 2.7 volts

joule thief

Using 2 x AA batteries in series = 3 volt the current draw 0.49 Amp or 490 mA which and the voltage drop to 2.3 volt

voltage booster

Using 1 x 18650 battery 4.1 volts initial amp draw without load 0.34 Amp or 340 mA

step up voltage

Using 1 x 18650 battery 4.1 volts initial amp draw with load 0.89 Amp or 890 mA almost 1 Amp and the total wattage is already exceed what is required by the light bulb. Where the bulb only rated at 3 watts but the battery supply 3.4 volts x 0.89 Amp = 3.56 watts

amplify voltage


0.89 volt AA battery = cannot power up the circuit


  1. Can you show the schematic diagram

    1. Can we see it sometime soon?

    2. Yeah ! We'd all love to see what you have discovered for damn sure!

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