Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Replaced / Changed all radiator hose 18-Aug-2021

Today 18-Aug-2021

1. Replaced / Changed all radiator hose including T-Joint (3 Way)
2. Replaced / Changed Thermostat - Housing gasket using (Silicone sealant)
3. Flush radiator coolant and added Toyota TMO Super Long Life 50/50 premix coolant

Process of replacement radiator hose

1. Open the radiator fan
2. Took out all the radiator hose and T-Joint
3. Take all the clips and use on new radiator hose 
4. Thermostat housing clean not so much still yellowish inside (no chemical used to clean it just water)

Process of replacement Thermostat

1. Removed old thermostat - rusty and torn gasket
2. Clean the housing - but not very clean enough
3. Put back the gasket with (high heat silicone sealant added to the housing to prevent leaked) as recommended by the mechanic

Process of flush coolant

1. All hoses not yet put in place
2. Put tap water hose from coolant inlet on the engine and it will flow to the outlet (thermostat housing)
3. Once direct tap water into radiator until water is clear of rust

Process of adding new coolant

1. Put back all new radiator hose at its respective place
2. Ensure all clips are tight
3. Put back thermostat with sealant on housing
4. Add new coolant 
5. Put coolant inside mineral water and place it on radiator radiator cap opening
6. Start the engine and observe bubble of air 
7. Continue until the radiator fan turn -- which means thermostat opening valve has opened and hot coolant that flow into the radiator has reach specified temperature sensor requirement.
8. Add more coolant as it become less because it flows through the thermostat and into the radiator
9. Add more coolant into the reservoir tank
10. Observe if any reduction of coolant both in the reservoir tank and radiator opening -- add as necessary if any decrease
11. Make sure coolant in the reservoir added not more than the full line as specified on the tank and not less the minimum level line.
12. Keep observing and ensure no more reduction of coolant.
13. Experience coolant reduction in the reservoir tank while turning on the car on stationery mode and keep adding more in both the radiator opening and reservoir tank
14. After 2 or 3 times reduction and addition into the reservoir tank -- test drive the car twice to ensure if the coolant still reduce. No more reduction. (GOOD)

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