Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Fix alza brake noise when moving on the road

23 October 2020

After changing brake pads at the Perodua service center "Changing Brake Pads" the hissing sound on the brake still persist when driving on the road. So I came back to tell the service center about it and they said it could be the worn out brake disc where it cost around RM600 to change to the new one. Considering the price is quite expensive so I hold first from changing it until enough budget to proceed.

Yesterday I asked a mechanic that I know and tell him to take a look if could do it cheaper - and he told me that it can be done by skimming. A technical process that I've never heard before about the brake disc - after he has done the skimming and assemble back the brake disc. You can see how it looks below after skimming - the brake disc surface is restored back to even thickness.

According to the mechanic - the surface of the brake disc were skewed due to braking process that has been going on for 3 or 4 years without changing. Creating uneven surface and it constantly having contact with the brake pads thus generating the hissing sound when the wheel is turning.

The cost of the skimming is only around RM70 including the labor cost. Wow that is a fraction only compare to perodua service center price. That is the best fix you can have - for brake disc. 

fix alza brake disc

alza brake disc skimming

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