Thursday, March 1, 2018

Perodua Alza service 28 Feb 2018

Just for reference recording my services transaction with Perodua. Next service can exclude the unnecessary item which is not really needed like Gasket and Battery terminal protector. Among the expensive part of the service Brake Disc and Shock Absorber replacement, Auto Transmission Oil, Semi Synthetic Oil (engine oil), and of course GST.

Mileage: 85781 KM

1. LUB - Gear oil / Auto Trans Fluid (ATF) - RM 7.00
2. Service Eng. Oil Filter & Gasket-Semi Synth SM - RM 15.00
3. 18 Points Inspection (Free of Charge)

Service Package:

1. Pad Kit, Disc Brake (Alza D46T) REM - RM 168.10
2. Element S/A Oil Filter - RM 13.40
3. PGO Semi Syn 5W-30 SM (4L) - RM 96.91
4. Gasket - RM 4.20
5. Battery Terminal Protector (SMALL) - KCL, KLSA, KNR - RM 4.20
6. Cabin Filter (3M) Alza/N.MYVI/AXIA - RM 34.20
7. Auto Transmission Oil (ALZA 2.20L) - RM 66.29

Total RM 387.30

Service Package (Parts Replacement)

1. Absorber, Shock RR-D46T - RM 244.00

GST = RM39.20

Total Charges for All including GST closed to RM 700.00

Shock Absorber

There is a "ting" sound when the car pass through a bump or having bumpy rides - the Perodua sales man says it's probably because of the shock Absorber and they check it out and tt turns out that he was right. One of the it can no longer absorb shock impact and that cause the ting sound when it heat a bump or going through potholes on the road.
Shock Absorber part number RR-D46T 48531-BZ370

Brake Pad Disc

It has been sometimes i haven't change the brake pad and it has been worn out. The part number Alza D46T 04491-BZ461

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