Sunday, July 8, 2018

How to take a screenshot on iPhone X

Screenshots are a great way to share pictures of your favorite videos, whatapps messages, facebook, twitters and games play or anything that you want to share. The conventional way of to capture screenshot was simply by pressing the Home and Power buttons simultaneously in most of the iPhones devices. However, in iPhone X things has changed a little bit because it doesn't even have the Home button. So how to print screen images on the iPhone X?

Follow this tutorial guide how to take a screenshot on iPhone X

1. Open the screen or apps that you want to capture

2. Adjust everything how you want it for the screenshot

3. Press and hold the right side button of the iPhone X and press Volume up button at the same time.

4. The screen will flash momentarily and there is a snap sound - which means  a shot of image has been capture. Done.
take screenshot on iphone x

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