Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Ford Fiesta Car Battery (Fujiya) Kuching Sarawak

Quite rare to find a battery to fit Ford Fiesta in Kuching Sarawak - but there is one battery store along the Padungan road that sells all Fujiya battery brand and they have the size. Despite it is written on the battery DIN60R but the list on the salesheet shows this is DIN55 size.

To ensure i have buy the exact battery size therefore i measured the dimension using ruler as follows

Height = 175 mm or 6 15/16 inches
Width = 175 mm por 6 15/16 inches
Length = 242 mm or 9 1/2 inches

This fit the description as in Google search for Ford Fiesta battery.

The price is RM200 for this

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